Plastic Piezo Switches

Plastic piezo switch
    Plastic Piezo Switch

    Plastic piezo switches offering rugged, sealed tamper and vandal proof solid state switching.
    Exceptional durability and reliability.
    Fitted with red, green and blue LED's for illumination.


    Operating voltage 1-24V AC/DC
    Switching current 0.2A max
    Actuation force 3-5N
    Operating temperature -20°C to +70°C
    LED operating voltage 12V DC max OR 24V DC max
    LED max current consumption: (12V) (24V)
    Rred 18mA 18mA
    Green 9mA 9mA
    Blue 27mA 16mA
    Ingress Protection IP69K
    Life time 50 million operations
    Material POM

    Wiring diagrams

    Plastic piezo switch


    Plastic piezo switch
  • 25mm diameter actuator
  • 22.2mm diameter mounting hole
  • Normally open, momentary action
  • Make impulse time of 125-300 msec
  • Recessed face
  • Wi re termination
  • IP68 Sealed
  • Available in 12V and 24V LED's
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